First independent rack and pinion steering gear brand in China

First independent rack and pinion steering gear brand in China


Henglong group won the nomination of the 2nd China quality prize


Shanghai Yifu Auto Electrics Company and Shanghai Auto Electronics R&D limited company were established. The factory in Brazil was put into production at the same year.


Wuhan Chuguanjie, which focus on R&D and manufacture key components of EPS was established. And at the same year, Henglong group donated to build Shashi experimental primary school.


Jingzhou Henglong won the nomination of provincial Changjiang quality prize and Jingjiang quality prize in Jingzhou City


CAAS Brazil Branch Company was established and won prize of excellent supplier from Chrysler.

Henglong group experimental Center became the first one to pass the national accreditation in domestic power steering industry.

Chongqing Helonglong Hongyan auto steering system limited company was established.


Hengsheng division won the title of “excellent supplier “in Chrysler China region.

At the same year, Wuhan Tongkai auto motor limited company, which focused on R&D and manufacture EPS motor, was established.


The number of steering gear produced by Henglong Group reached 10 million and the company was awarded the title of “industrial leading enterprise” by CIAC at the same year.

Henglong group and BHAP joint venture to establish BHAP-Henglong auto Steering Systems Ltd.


Henglong group research institute was established and passed QS9000、VDA6.1 quality system Accreditation.


Henglong Group supplied parts for DPCA、American Chrysler and Shanghai GM.


Henglong group’s products entered the system of FAW-VW accessories and Hengsheng division was established.


Wuhu Henglong and Wuhan Jielong were established.


Jiulong and Henglong both were named in Hubei province famous trademarks. 


China Automotive Systems Corporation was listed in USA with stock code of CAAS. At that same year, Wiselink, specialized in R&D and manufacture high-end intelligent equipment, was established.


The second R & D institution of Henglong group, being committed to cutting-edge science and technology in steering industry, Tsinghua University (automotive engineering) Henglong automotive steering system research institute was established. In the same year, henglong group won the title of “100 best auto parts suppliers in China “.


Shengyang Jinbei Henglong auto steering system limited company- northern manufacture base of Henglong group was established.


Specializing in R&D steering system, Changchun Hualong Corporation was established.


 Jingzhou Henglong completed the exploit of steering in Qiyun passenger vehicles for Chery and entered into system of passenger vehicles accessories.

Shashi Jiulong steering gear was awarded as the first prize of science and technology progress in Hubei province. And in the same year, “Jiulong “was named as famous trademark in Hubei province. 


Focused on steering system R &D in light cars, commercial vehicles, Jingzhou henglong automotive parts manufacturing company was established and in the same year, rack and pinion power steering was developed to support domestication of Jinbei Haishi Van successfully.   


 Shashi Jiulong entered the system of FAW Jiefang accessories.


 Shashi Jiulong auto power steering Company, whose leading products are medium and heavy duty vehicle steering gears, was established, becoming one of the first professional production of automotive steering system manufacturers in China.